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100 Minutes of Thrills

Globe of Death

Invisible Wall  of Death

Motorcycle High Wire





Is a mix of Extreme Sports and Extreme Circus acts.  Including BMX, Freestyle Moto, Globe of Death
and characters.
The normal version is 100 minutes long. You can hire the all set up and show to promote in your country.

We can adapt to your budget. The level of Motorcycle Freestylers will depends of it. We can have classic level and world class level athletes, X-games medalists, Red Bull X fighters contestants.

We have our own logistic department, it mean we take care of everything even ATA carnet for custom declaration . We ship the motorcycles and equipments right to your door! ATA carnet custom declaration is established by us too.

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The show is designed to fits in stadiums, arenas, basket ball buildings, and other kind of venues, theater etc...Indoor and open air is also possible.

The length vary on number of performers and  other factors. The normal show is 100 minutes.

GIG, EVENTS:    All acts of the show can be booked separately, you can book, only the FMX or only the Globe of death.

THEME PARK   The show can be adapted in 30 minutes version, and performed up to 4 times daily.

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