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The "Invisible Wall of Death©"
is copyrighted by the U.S. Copyright Office (1-986196051)
SACD (268803)  for a worldwide protection.
This show is UNIQUE IN THE WORLD, created by Danny Varanne, and built by the Varanne family.

The world famous Infernal Varanne riders present for the first time ever this summer 2013, the absolutely breathtaking
 motorcycle stunt show, "Invisible Wall of Death ©.

The Varanne family is one of the oldest motorcycle daredevils families in Europe.
Currently they hold the Guinness World Record for doing a show with 6 riders and one girl in a Globe of Death of 4.25 meters diameter.

As well as Globe riding they are also masters of the wall of death. Danny and his brother Jesse has been riding the wall for 29 years together since the age of 12, they are accompanied by Bruno Alliot, a cousin from Italy who belongs to an old traditional Daredevil family from Italy.
Danny is world record holder of tricks on the wall

The idea came to create wall of death in metal mesh to allow visibility from outside, unlike the traditional wooden Walls that can only be viewed from above.
The visibility is perfect, only seeing the riders on theirs bikes, not the wall. Hence the name, INVISIBLE wall of death ©

The wall is Completely vertical and as well as riding motocross bikes they'll also be throwing tricks on a vintage Indian Scout from 1928.

The world premiere will be held at Fuji Rock Festival in Japan.
The team riders are Jesse Varanne, Danny Varanne and Bruno Alliot.

When Danny drawn the Invisible wall of death, he wanted it compact, in order to transport it easily around the world.
So one sea container of 20 feet is enough to transport the Wall of death.

Our LOGISTIC DIVISION, take care of everything: Custom carnet (ATA) declaration, loading, unload on site, building up...We handle everything. You just have to provide us an address, and we delivery right to your doors.

The invisible wall of death, can be presented all kinds of events.  CIRCUSES, FAIRS, THEME PARKS, FESTIVALS...

The invisible wall of death, can be installed open air or indoor. Fix in one place or mobile. It can moves easily like the old Globe of Death.
The show is around 10 minutes long, with three riders.
A roof or dome can be installed over the Wall, in order to be able to perform even in case of rain.

We have our own insurance, and liability insurance.

LINK: Website to this show: www.invisiblewallofdeath.com



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